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General Concepts

How the economic machine works

History of money (think about what defines money… what are its key qualities? The video starts off slow, but keep watching)

Overview of major asset classes (make sure to note all of the key terms, this will help you “speak the language” of the asset management industry)

Overview of Global capital markets (don’t spend too much time on this one (it’s a few years old), just skim it. It should however offer some useful perspectives on market size).

How to build a diversified portfolio: What is risk parity/All Weather?

How monetary policy works

US GDP over time

Risk management handbook from Barra (introduction to basic concepts and key terms)

A list of financial crises. (Know the names of these, the general time frame, and what caused it. In the next few months you will see hundreds of data series. Knowing how these crises affected asset prices and markets in general will be essential.)

Overview of the business cycle

Key events in 19th century finance. Understand how these shaped markets

Some very short, high level videos on basic finance concepts

The magic of compound interest

What is wealth? (a very short lesson)

What is fiat money?

How leverage works

What is the yield curve?

What is a high yield bond?

What is deflation?

How to value a company (at a high level)

What is an index fund?